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Rehabilitation and Post Traumatic Stress

Some of the many challenges our returning veterans face involve readjustment to civilian life alongside potential effects of post traumatic stress and PTSD. A large percentage of our veterans manage this disorder, which can lead to alarmingly high rates of suicide, anxiety, and traumatic thought cycles. Learn more about post traumatic stress and its impact on veterans and their loved ones through the videos below.

What is AVT Doing to Help?

The American Veterans Tribute has currently purchased its first property at Lake Gaston to offer a much deserved vacation to recovering veterans and their families.  Veterans their families can enjoy rehabilitation time together in a no-cost, accessible environment. With goals of eliminating stress, worry, and fear during their stay, veterans and their families can enjoy their no-cost getaway to offer well deserved vacation and family rehabilitation time.

AVT is also currently renovating our lakeside property to become completely handicapped accessible.

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