Tour of McGuire Veterans Hospital Polytrauma Unit

Last Friday, I was privileged to experience a full tour of the Polytrauma Rehabilitation Unit at McGuire Veterans Hospital, Richmond, Virginia. One of only five national facilities of its kind, it specializes in caring for veterans who have experienced multiple traumas in service to their country. These individuals are trying to recover from some extremely difficult physical or mental health conditions. Walk through the tour with me.

Help for Veterans with Multiple Traumas

McGuire Veterans Hospital Polytrauma Unit.

What happens at the McGuire Veterans Hospital Polytrauma Unit?

As I entered McGuire, I was impressed with its size, modern appearance and the vast number of Veterans who were there for treatment.

It was quite difficult to witness how war had impacted so many individuals with spinal cord and other serious physical injuries, post traumatic stress disorders, brain injuries, mental incapacities and so much more. However, the attitudes of veterans I spoke with impressed me. These people were inspiring and courageous, kind and humorous, and in spite of their injuries, had a great deal of enthusiasm for living.

The Polytrauma Rehabilitation Unit represents the best of the best in providing care for our veterans and their families.

Because funding is available presently, families can stay close by. The funding is provided by Families of the Wounded Fund, represented by a good friend, Bill Haneke.

The facilities are state-of-the-art, and the services offered were comprehensive. Rooms are color coded so the patients can identify theirs even if they suffer from visual problems or brain injury.

Dr. Ajit Pai is the medical director, and the entire staff seems friendly, professional and compassionate. I was pleased to see the quality and character of the staff. The sophistication in the treatment strategies was impressive.

As we know, many of our VA Hospitals have been taking heavy criticism for their negatively reported level of care and inadequacy to meet the needs of our veterans in a timely way. The McGuire Polytrauma Unit is a shining star in the treatment of veterans who bear extremely challenging diagnoses and conditions.

I want to take a moment to thank Dr. Pai and his staff for creating an environment that truly honors veterans with the care that they deserve. I was extremely pleased and privileged to experience such a positive and progressive environment that brings healing and hope to hundreds of our veterans.

I hope that this unit will be an example for others to follow in building treatment facilities and setting programs for those who have experienced multiple traumas. Congratulations to the entire staff of the McGuire VA Hospital Polytrauma Unit.

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