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A Holiday Wish

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa & Happy New Year to all of us.

I’m surrounded by family today as we prepare for a wonderful holiday season with more family coming in. I am truly blessed to share the past year with family I haven’t seen in some time and enjoy the company of loved ones I see often.

I hope you have the same blessings.

In my opinion, It is THE most important part of my existence.

I normally do not ask for gifts as I “need” for truly very little, other than good health for my family and me. But this year, I would ask that you gift by pausing in your family time to truly remember those of our veteran community that are missing family members this holiday season. Remember those veterans that are living without homes & families.

Share this information with your family and make a family plan on how you can help veterans in the year 2015. A small number of families pledge their loved ones to protect us all. We all should have “skin in this game”.

This 1% must have our support.

Peace to you and yours.

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