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Past Honorees

Honorees Bill Robinson, Joe Wadle, Bruce Heilman, Bill Haneke, and Paul Galanti

Past American Veterans Tribute Veterans of the Year Bill Robinson (2017), Joe Wadle (2018), Bruce Heilman (2015), Bill Haneke (2012) and Paul Galanti (2010). Honorees are chosen for their service by AVT founder and fellow veteran Ron Vassar, who aims to ensure every honoree receives the respect and admiration that their service deserves. 

2007 Honoree

Ronald Dowdy

2008 Honoree

Carl Nelson*

2009 Honoree

Frank Buckles*

2010 Honoree 1

Dallas Jones*

2010 Honoree 2

Pete Luter*

2011 Honoree 1

Paul Galanti

2011 Honoree 2

Ed O’Conner

2012 Honoree

William Haneke

2013 Honoree 1

Brian Pierce

2013 Honoree 2

Barry Vassar

2014 Honoree 1

Stuart Seaton

2014 Honoree 2

Cathy Wilson

* - These veterans have shown a commitment to a lifetime of service for their country. Their stories continue to be honored and shared in the years following their passing.

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